Waiting List

In order to join Peachy Pings you must sign up to the waiting list below. Once a month we will send out a random newsletter containing a purchase link for those who have registered. The only data we store for the purpose of this newsletter is your email address, Discord username and Discord email address. Your email address is used in order to provide you with the email itself whilst your Discord username and email address are used to verify your account. Failure to activate on the account provided can result in your license key being terminated. By joining the waiting list you confirm that you have read our terms and conditions located on our website and linked here for your convenience. If you wish to have your details removed from our newsletter you can do so at any time by emailing us directly via [email protected]

Attempting to resell your Peachy Pings license key is strictly prohibited.

Email Address:

We strongly recommend using a Google email address to avoid filtering.

Discord Username:

Please provide your full Discord username including the hashtag and your four digit number tag.

Discord Email Address:

Please provide the email address associated with the Discord account provided above.

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